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When im in the bathroom it is very uncomfortable. I have to do a blood test to check for anemia. I have gone to the toilet many times and I always find blood in my stool and on the toilet paper after I wipe. Im confused because there has been no further blood or anything and i feel totally fine could this be a 1 off or will it come back can any one give me their opinionm im only 19 for christs sake. A couple of weeks ago I was suffering with rectal bleeding, I could literally hear it pouring into the toilet. I also find that some is showing outside from anus with red colour.

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I'm 13 and I have anal bleeding only when when I poop, it is a bright red and sometimes has clear slimy contents in it, and it worries me.

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Anal (rectal) bleeding

I have found blood on my toilet paper sometimes but I thought it was nothing until it has started to mix with my poop then I woke up with a little blood on my under pants I seriously don't know what to to mind is baffled. Discussion content reflects the view of individual participants only. The patients also recorded the food they have eaten each day and enter the details of the food in a diary food diary. Now though i worry because i understand that at the age of 30 your metabolism slows down and so the flat stomach that i am use to having in the morning is not there. I've been bleeding from my anal for about 3 years now, but it doesn't happen unless I take a big poo. I am sixteen years old and I've had some stomach pains on and off for the past year and when I use the bathrrom I sometimes bleed out of my anus but this has only happened a couple of times and I'm too embarrassed to tell My mom or dad and too scared to see a doctor what do I do? I want to say that if its bleeding very bad i mean very red so am i have to go see the Dr?

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