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GameSpot 's Jeff Gerstmann gave the game a 6. PaRappa 2 features some tweaks to the gameplay, as some of the teacher's lyrics may change based on the player's performance. Even when played to perfection, though, the rapping still sounds just as stuttery as it did in the previous game. By successfully improvising raps, the player can obtain a Cool rating, during which Parappa will be given the chance to rap freestyle by himself. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Berri go to eat at Beard Burger instead, they learn that a mysterious phenomenon is turning all the food in town into noodles. Upon reverse engineering the cartridge, Parappa and the others use sweets to combat against the Noodle Syndicate behind the town's noodlelization. Clearing each level with a Cool rating unlocks music tracks that can be listened to after completing the game. Retrieved 21 February August 30, NA: PaRappa the Rapper 2 is the original soundtrack from the game by the same name.

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