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Clinical Depression, Bullying, and Suicide

On Tuesday August 3, 2010, at 7pm EST, on the Psyche Whisperer Radio Show Life and Mental Health Coach, A.J. Mahari, interviewed Letricia Hendrix who is the author of  “Behind our Faces: Thoughts and Reasonings of Suicide”. In her book,  Letricia Hendrix writes about her own experience with clinical depression and being suicidal. She writes about how no one is really alone with these feelings – how you don’t have to be alone with these feelings. She also writes about hope and also focuses on how the ways that we treat each other can often have a profoundly negative impact on people and for some, to the point where they feel so bad about themselves, they just want to die. The author also stresses that many people with clinical depression who may not understand what they are feeling and why often think that the “problem” is everyone else and aren’t aware of how they feel or why they feel what they do.

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“Behind our Faces: Thoughts and Reasonings of Suicide” is a book that offers personal insight and understanding into what it’s like to just want to die, and why. Depression, mental illness, and the growing stress in life, for so many, continues to create an increase in a crisis of faith and/or hope. Letricia believes that “there are so many personal forms of hell that people impose upon each other and the personal hell within ourselves.” Too many people are stressed out and often feeling disconnected. Too many people who feel depressed and/or suicidal often fail to ask for help or to reach out for support.




Letricia Hendrix is a professional actor and graduate of the National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts in Washington, DC. She has appeared in several productions, such as HBO’s The Wire, The Vagina Monologues, and Death and the Kings Horseman at Washington Shakespeare Company. She has done industrials for companies such as A&E Television, Discovery Channel and Discovery Classroom, The History Channel, Booz Allen Hamilton, and the Federal Judicial Center. Other projects include Print work, Indie films, and medical student training. Letricia believes that thoughts and feelings of suicide are on the rise. Her book offers insight into her own experience and her insightful message for others when it comes to clinical depression and feeling suicidal. Find out that you yourself are not alone with these feelings. The fast-pace of life, increasing demands, increasing stress, less time to just connect with others, often leave people feeling more isolated. Many people experience overwhelming emotions they aren’t sure how to cope with or have a mental illness. Suicide has many causes. It is on the rise. There needs to be more understood about feeling suicidal and how you can feel that way without acting upon it – feelings often do pass in time.



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Forgiveness, Healing, and Spirituality – David S. Wilde

We live in stressful times. Each one of us has our own struggles in life. Everyone, at some point or other, in their lives, is looking for ways to increase their happiness, sense of peace, and to create as balanced a life as is possible. Spirituality, for most people, plays some role in their understanding of their journey in this  life. Key on this journey of life is learning to forgive – to forgive yourself and to forgive others. What is forgiveness? What makes forgiveness so important? Life Coach, A.J. Mahari, interviewed David S. Wilde to mine his wisdom and experience on this topic. A central ingredient in all healing and well-being. 

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David S. Wilde, CSW, JD, CEAP is a Life, Relationship and Spiritual Coach, a Psychotherapist, an Attorney (inactive), as well as a Published Writer, Speaker, Radio Relationship Expert

Guest and Inspirational Speaker.  Practicing law as  a New York trial lawyer and litigator for ten years was a spiritual springboard for David from a paradigm based on the very western emphasis on competition, judgment, and scarcity to one based on forgiveness, compassion, and abundance. 

David’s passion is in utilizing his clients’ sense of their “Spirituality” where and whenever possible, in helping them heal their relationships, their careers, and their lives.   David has over 18 years of experience in Coaching, Counseling and Psychotherapy and has specialized in working with the gamut of relationship challenges: couples counseling, parenting, family issues including blended families, separation and divorce, dealing with in-laws, job and career challenges, and workplace/organizational issues. As a Psychotherapist, he has also employed alternative methods (such as EMDR, EFT, hypnotherapy, etc.) in successfully helping many suffering from mental health issues and addictions including  sexual addiction.   David was the featured writer of an interactive relationship advice column in a holistic magazine reaching over 70,000 readers in Central NJ and Southeastern PA.  He ran A Course In Miracles study group, leads a weekly support group for separating or divorcing individuals, and has given talks and led workshops on Spirituality and Relationships.  David’s website ( offers published articles on a myriad of relationship and spiritual topics as well as a link to his blog on relationships and creating positive change in our lives.

As a Spiritual Coach, David helps individuals understand the metaphysical (i.e. energetic) power behind the largely misunderstood concept of “forgiveness” as the most critical tool for healing relationships, purifying minds, and thus allowing the manifestation of “miracles” (another highly misunderstood term).  He is currently writing a book on the power of forgiveness.  His practice, teachings, and writings are informed and inspired by the principles of A Course In Miracles, the (not-so-secret) Law of Attraction, and that of other spiritual paths.   

David is also a Certified Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP).  As such he has been a Consultant for Managers and Line Staff of Fortune 500 Corporations, has led Supervisory and Staff Trainings and Workshops on various topics including Stress Reduction and Communication Skills, and performed Critical Incident Stress Debriefings for the survivors of traumas ranging from bank robberies to September 11th.  He worked for two of the largest behavioral health care companies in the world, and was a milieu therapist on an inpatient psychiatric unit.

David holds an MSW from Hunter College in New York, a JD from Brooklyn Law School, and a BA in Psychology from Clark University in Massachusetts.  He provides Life, Relationship, Career and Spiritual Coaching by phone and has offices in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. 

David’s website can visited at:

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Psyche, Butterfly, Transformation

Psyche refers to soul, mind, breath, and life. Within each individual psyche their is an un-tapped gold-mine of awareness that can and will teach each one of us. Truth lives deeply within the psyche. A spiritual truth. In mythology, psyche means or refers to butterfly. Butterfly is symbolic of transformation. For years in my life now, I continue to be surrounded by butterflies. The butterflies seem to come to me in times when I am in aware process of transformation in my life. It is spiritual. It is an awe-inspiring experience for me. I believe that these butterflies don’t just happen to start flying around me in some coincidental way. I think this is an experience calling me to a deeper awareness of purpose and meaning in a spiritual way.

How can we recognize spiritual messages? How can we open to being willing to engage the spirit as it comes to us – as the psyche unfolds more about what it is that we need to know? Are you aware of your journey? Are you living your life in a personally aware and enlightened way or are you living more in the chaos of an every day life that is going on all around this deeper level of life – this spiritual reality that we are all connected to through the universal archetypal psyche of humankind.

Do you trust this inner-wisdom? Are you embracing it? Are you engaging it or are you avoiding it, denying it, running from it. Are you not willing to be open to the purpose and meaning that in its profound spiritual nature comes to us to teach you? Are you living a life of protecting yourself or are you open to learning. We can’t do both at the same time.

Do you know who you are? Do you want to know  more about who you really are? Do you realize that the degree to which you are connected to your authentic self inside is the degree to which you can truly connect to others?

Life has so much more meaning and purpose than 9-5, money, and material possessions. Life is about more than the physical. It is about more than the narrow things we can sometimes be focused on that keep us stuck block our paths of further transformation and cause us to be out of balance.

Are you living your life a human-doing or a human being? Are you actively aware and engaged with your beingness or are you soley invested in all that you want to do, need to do, “should” do?

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A.J. Mahari is an Author, Life Coach and Mental Health Coach.


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