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Inside-Out Healing: Transforming Your Life Through The Power of Presence – an interview with Dr. Richard Moss

Healing Inside-Out: Transforming Your Life Through The Power of Presence is the latest book of author and Dr. Richard Moss. Author, Life Coach, BPD/Mental Health and Self Improvement Coach, A.J. Mahari, host of the Psyche Whisperer Radio Show interviewed Dr. Richard Moss on Monday June 13th at 4pm Eastern. Dr. Moss has now written 6 books and his previous book, a fantastic and highly illuminating one, is called, The Mandala of Being – Discovering The Power of Awareness is one I’d also highly recommend. I learned so much from reading that book as well and so too can you.

The work of Richard Moss is about being radically alive. Radical means being fully embodied and authentic. Your mind is focused and spacious, your body is ready and relaxed.

You learn how to consistently return to the present moment free from thoughts that create emotional suffering, and able to face even the most difficult feelings in a healthy and productive way.

All the longer programs take place in natural and near-wilderness settings because Nature is the best mirror for the depths of the soul.

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Richard Moss is internationally respected as a visionary thinker, teacher and author of six books on transformation, self-healing, and the art of conscious living. More than 30 years ago, he left the practice of medicine after a life-changing realization to dedicate his life to help others realize their multidimensional nature and achieve self-mastery. His teaching bridges science, psychology, energy medicine, and spiritual/awareness practices. He is most well known for the deep experiential nature of his work where people learn holistically with their mind, body, and feelings.

His philosophy is entirely pragmatic: work on consciousness must alleviate human suffering and address the root causes of why and how we create so much conflict in ourselves and our world.

His books include: The I That is We (1981), How Shall I Live (1985), The Black Butterfly: An Invitation to Radical Aliveness (1986), The Second Miracle: Intimacy, Spirituality, and Conscious Relationships (1995), all published by Celestial Arts, Words That Shine Both Ways (self-published in 1997), The Mandala of Being: Discovering the Power of Awareness, published by New World Library, 2007 . His newest book is Inside-Out Healing: Transforming Your Life Through the Power of Presence published February 2011, Hay House. His works have been translated into Spanish, French, German, Romanian, Russian, Portugese and Danish and have sold more than 200,000 copies worldwide.

For over thirty years Dr. Moss has taught in North America, South America, Europe and Australia. He has been interviewed in magazines and newspapers worldwide, and has presented at numerous conferences and at such institutions as Harvard University, Stanford University, University of Chicago Medical School, U.C.L.A., U.C. Berkeley, American University, Washington DC, Georgetown University, and John F. Kennedy University.

Richard Moss Seminars organizes and coordinates the conferences, talks, and seminars taught by Dr. Moss, as well as producing all of his audio and video materials. Three Mountain Foundation, a California not-for-profit charity, was founded in 1984 to support Richard’s work by providing scholarships and interest free loans to individuals in financial need who wish to attend his seminars.

Richard lives in Ojai, CA and has three grown step-children.


Not all emotional reactions are overreactions. Stop Overreacting offers some questions to ask yourself to determine if they are:

What is Overreaction?

  • • Do you regret things you say or do in the heat of emotion?
    • Do you lash out at loved ones?
    • Do you have to apologize to others for your actions or words?
    • Do you feel surprised at your seemingly uncontrollable
    • Do you assume the worst about situations or people?
    • Do you find yourself in conflict without knowing how you got

3 Factors of Overreaction

  • Schemas, or stories we attach to our relationships, ourselves and events which help us to understand the world, but can also lead to biases, distorted understanding, and knee-jerk reactions to situations.
  • Splitting, or the oversimplification of situations as either ‘all good’ or ‘all bad’.
  • Flooding, or a re-experiencing of raw emotion (stored in our memory from initial experiences that encoded the schema) triggered by particularly resonant schemas and resultant splitting.

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