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Inside-Out Healing: Transforming Your Life Through The Power of Presence – an interview with Dr. Richard Moss

Healing Inside-Out: Transforming Your Life Through The Power of Presence is the latest book of author and Dr. Richard Moss. Author, Life Coach, BPD/Mental Health and Self Improvement Coach, A.J. Mahari, host of the Psyche Whisperer Radio Show interviewed Dr. Richard Moss on Monday June 13th at 4pm Eastern. Dr. Moss has now written 6 books and his previous book, a fantastic and highly illuminating one, is called, The Mandala of Being – Discovering The Power of Awareness is one I’d also highly recommend. I learned so much from reading that book as well and so too can you.

The work of Richard Moss is about being radically alive. Radical means being fully embodied and authentic. Your mind is focused and spacious, your body is ready and relaxed.

You learn how to consistently return to the present moment free from thoughts that create emotional suffering, and able to face even the most difficult feelings in a healthy and productive way.

All the longer programs take place in natural and near-wilderness settings because Nature is the best mirror for the depths of the soul.

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Richard Moss is internationally respected as a visionary thinker, teacher and author of six books on transformation, self-healing, and the art of conscious living. More than 30 years ago, he left the practice of medicine after a life-changing realization to dedicate his life to help others realize their multidimensional nature and achieve self-mastery. His teaching bridges science, psychology, energy medicine, and spiritual/awareness practices. He is most well known for the deep experiential nature of his work where people learn holistically with their mind, body, and feelings.

His philosophy is entirely pragmatic: work on consciousness must alleviate human suffering and address the root causes of why and how we create so much conflict in ourselves and our world.

His books include: The I That is We (1981), How Shall I Live (1985), The Black Butterfly: An Invitation to Radical Aliveness (1986), The Second Miracle: Intimacy, Spirituality, and Conscious Relationships (1995), all published by Celestial Arts, Words That Shine Both Ways (self-published in 1997), The Mandala of Being: Discovering the Power of Awareness, published by New World Library, 2007 . His newest book is Inside-Out Healing: Transforming Your Life Through the Power of Presence published February 2011, Hay House. His works have been translated into Spanish, French, German, Romanian, Russian, Portugese and Danish and have sold more than 200,000 copies worldwide.

For over thirty years Dr. Moss has taught in North America, South America, Europe and Australia. He has been interviewed in magazines and newspapers worldwide, and has presented at numerous conferences and at such institutions as Harvard University, Stanford University, University of Chicago Medical School, U.C.L.A., U.C. Berkeley, American University, Washington DC, Georgetown University, and John F. Kennedy University.

Richard Moss Seminars organizes and coordinates the conferences, talks, and seminars taught by Dr. Moss, as well as producing all of his audio and video materials. Three Mountain Foundation, a California not-for-profit charity, was founded in 1984 to support Richard’s work by providing scholarships and interest free loans to individuals in financial need who wish to attend his seminars.

Richard lives in Ojai, CA and has three grown step-children.


“He’s a Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Northwestern University and an expert on anxiety. He’s managed to put all of his expertise into a cute, handy little guidebook for everyday life. Who doesn’t need a little extra help to keep calm in these stress-filled times?


‘No worries.’ It’s the new catch phrase. 

As if. 

Everybody worries. It doesn’t mean you need a shrink. But every once in awhile, when the stress level gets a bit too high, you might wish you had a little coach sitting on your shoulder to give you some tips on how to calm yourself down.” 

Source: Just The Bookstore 


“First featured on a British poster produced during World War II, ‘Keep calm and carry on’ has become the mantra of millions—but exactly how to keep calm remains a difficult question for most of us. 

The next time you are stressed by pressures at work, overwhelmed by life’s challenges, or panicked by problems that seem unsolvable, reach for this book. In Little Ways to Keep Calm and Carry On, you’ll find twenty short yet powerful lessons and anxiety-reducing techniques that will help you move past stressful moments with grace. Each lesson is so simple to learn and practice, you’ll find that this pocket guide is all you really need whenever you need a little help keeping calm. 

A gem of a resource for anyone who struggles with anxiety or worry.”

<—Denise D. Davis, Ph.D., clinical psychologist and assistant director of clinical training at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN – from the New Harbinger Publications Inc. 


Interview with Kristen Moeller – Waiting For Jack – Confessions of a Self Help Junkie

Have you been waiting for something outside of yourself to change your life? Have you tried all the self help books and philosophies around and still haven’t found the change that you want and/or need in your life? Is it time for you to “disrupt the ordinary” as Kristen says? Life Coach, author, and radio show host, A.J. Mahari interviewed Kristen Moeller, Life Coach, Speaker, host of her own radio show “What are you waiting for?” on and author of the book, “Waiting For Jack – Confessions of a Self Help Junkie” on Friday October 1, 2010 at 2pm EST on her blogtalkradio show, The Psyche Whisperer

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In her book, Waiting For Jack, Kristen Moeller turns conventional self-help concepts upside down, asking people to stop eternal searching for outside answers and change their lives from the sideline to front line. (Chicken Soup for the Soul© and The Success Principles) Moeller nearly put her life on hold waiting for his connection to keep her inspiration alive. 

WAITING FOR JACK Confessions of a Self-Help Junkie: How to Stop Waiting and Start Living Your Life

Too many people lose big chapters of their life “waiting for Jack.” No, that’s not meant to represent Mr. Right, but rather a whole slate of perceived answers to everyone’s eternal search to make their lives better, according to renowned life coach and speaker, Kristen Moeller. Part memoir and part how-to guide, this life-affirming narrative turns “personal fix-it” conventions upside down.

The symbolism of waiting for this particular Jack grew from Moeller’s own life experiences, of her constant search for meaningful change – being a seeker and never a finder herself. Following one memorable exchange, where she boldly introduces herself to renowned author and speaker Jack Canfield.

She describes that life-changing moment when it became clear that for her, the figurative “Jack” had come to represent all the desires people wait for — more money, romance, children, retirement, even life’s purpose – and that the truest answers were never going to come from Jack, but rather from inside herself.

Moeller recognized, as she urges readers to do through real life examples, that people need to free themselves from the “self-help treadmill” and unleash their own inner ability to create lives of greater fulfillment.

Laced on the one hand with self-deprecating humor and on the other with respect for individual dignity, Waiting For Jack  is uncommonly appealing. It inspires readers to end the eternal search for something outside themselves, stop the endless WAITING, and finally live life more fully by falling in love with their own humanity.

Moeller’s own life transformation offers real-life instruction in how people caught in a “bottomless quest for self-help” can stop the waiting and hoping for direction from others and move forward to embrace their own life every day in a “fierce disruption of the ordinary.”

In an authentic, intelligent voice, Moeller describes her specific life challenges — years filled with addictions from severe eating disorders and alcohol to evolving as a “self-help junkie”— before creating a successful career as life coach, speaker and author, among other accomplishments.

Her insightful, clear-eyed narrative describes how she came to recognize the decisions and actions that limit who we become. She writes, “Paradoxically, we wait and try to get somewhere at the same time—and that somewhere is anywhere but here, in the moment, in the now. We believe when we get there or have that, we will possess eternal happiness. We look for the magic pill. But what if we’ve already swallowed it? What if we were born with it? What if we are it?”

It is with this motivation, and liberal doses of humor, that Moeller succeeds in motivating readers to think and act for themselves, while offering principles by which they can assess their own lives, avoid perpetual waiting and commit to realizing a life that, as Moeller puts it, “…is as good as we choose it to be at any moment.”

Thematically, Moeller brings the mythical Jack full circle with tongue-in-cheek chapter headings such as Jack of All Trades, Master of None; Jack and the Beanstalk; Jack of Hearts; Jack and Jill Went Up the Hill; Jack in the Box; Jackpot; and even Jackass. Moeller details how effectively the practice of looking within can end the cycle of waiting and create real change, with the added bonus of how much better one can feel about themselves.



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“Kristen Moeller’s ability to tap into one of the great longings of human-kind—that somehow what we’ve got now is never enough—is riveting. I love her courage in tackling this big subject, the intimacy of her voice (she’s been there and we know it!), and her far-reaching wisdom. Thanks, Kristen, for putting our longing into words and helping us navigate our way through it. I’m done ‘waiting’!” – Suzanne Falter-Barns, author of How Much Joy Can You Stand –

“Kristen’s simply and beautifully described self-journey inspires a profound, quiet, deeply central truth about who we are and how to embrace our ‘gift.’ Living up to her mission—‘fiercely disrupting the ordinary’—Kristen takes readers on our own deeply personal journey of realization … that in this very moment, we are more than we could ever hope to need, want, or be in this life. She expresses with exquisite clarity not only the richness that is available to each of us if we only choose to consciously create our own life each day, but offers a clear recipe for achieving extraordinary meaning and fulfillment. Be prepared to feel inspired, engage with your true passions, and find new ways to live your humanity beginning today.” – Gary Goldstein, movie producer (Pretty Woman), author, speaker, and coach –


Kristen first discovered her passion for personal development in 1989 after recovering from an eating disorder and addiction. After years of struggling with low self-esteem, she realized that recovery and joy is possible.

Determined to provide this for others, Kristen immersed herself in the field of personal growth, earning a master’s degree in mental health counseling, volunteering and working in treatment centers while continuing to train and develop herself.

After many years of serving her clients, she discovered she was ready to disrupt the ordinary once again. While reading Jack Canfield’s book The Success Principles, she created an ambitious vision for her life. She declared her desire to challenge herself in new ways and make a difference for people on a larger scale.

Early in 2008, Kristen was inspired to write Waiting for Jack. Jumping into action, she began to explore our tendency to wait and what it means to be human.

In June of 2008, Kristen attended Book Expo America with 37,000 other people. Ready to propel her success to the next level, Kristen embraced the principles she shares in her book. Through a series of simple actions and her sincere commitment, she left the expo with a powerful agent, a New York publisher, and the enthusiastic support of Jack Canfield, who agreed to write the foreword to this book. By August, Kristen began her weekly internet radio show, “What Are You Waiting For?” creating a dynamic conversation with expert guests (Joan Borysenko, Bob Doyle, Janet Attwood and Gary Goldstein, to name a few) about disrupting the ordinary and creating the extraordinary.

Kristen utilizes her awe-inspiring energy and motivation to bring awareness to heartfelt causes. She serves as a celebrity ambassador to the National Eating Disorder Association, and through her own non-profit, The Chick-a-go Foundation, provides “pay it forward” scholarships for people to attend transformational educational events.

Her mission for the world is that we “fiercely disrupt our ordinary,” whatever the expression. Most importantly, Kristen wishes that we embrace what it means to be human—we will wait, we will seek, we will forget who we are, and we will remember. She wants us to know it’s all okay.

When she is not actively making a difference in the world, Kristen Moeller thrives in the beauty of Colorado, playing outdoors, riding her horse or just spending time relaxing in her magical, solar powered home. She lives with two large dogs, an ornery cat, and her best friend and husband of fourteen years.

About the Author

Kristen R. Moeller is a highly respected coach, author, speaker and radio show host who holds a master’s degree in counseling and has more than 20 years experience in the field of personal development. She is a founder of the non-profit Chick-a-go Foundation, which provides “pay-it-forward” scholarships for transformational educational training programs reaching people who otherwise cannot afford such opportunities. Ms. Moeller also hosts a weekly internet radio show, “What Are You Waiting For?” and is a celebrity ambassador to the National Eating Disorder Association. She resides in Colorado with her husband in an eco-friendly solar powered house. 

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