Psyche, Butterfly, Transformation

Psyche refers to soul, mind, breath, and life. Within each individual psyche their is an un-tapped gold-mine of awareness that can and will teach each one of us. Truth lives deeply within the psyche. A spiritual truth. In mythology, psyche means or refers to butterfly. Butterfly is symbolic of transformation. For years in my life now, I continue to be surrounded by butterflies. The butterflies seem to come to me in times when I am in aware process of transformation in my life. It is spiritual. It is an awe-inspiring experience for me. I believe that these butterflies don’t just happen to start flying around me in some coincidental way. I think this is an experience calling me to a deeper awareness of purpose and meaning in a spiritual way.

How can we recognize spiritual messages? How can we open to being willing to engage the spirit as it comes to us – as the psyche unfolds more about what it is that we need to know? Are you aware of your journey? Are you living your life in a personally aware and enlightened way or are you living more in the chaos of an every day life that is going on all around this deeper level of life – this spiritual reality that we are all connected to through the universal archetypal psyche of humankind.

Do you trust this inner-wisdom? Are you embracing it? Are you engaging it or are you avoiding it, denying it, running from it. Are you not willing to be open to the purpose and meaning that in its profound spiritual nature comes to us to teach you? Are you living a life of protecting yourself or are you open to learning. We can’t do both at the same time.

Do you know who you are? Do you want to know  more about who you really are? Do you realize that the degree to which you are connected to your authentic self inside is the degree to which you can truly connect to others?

Life has so much more meaning and purpose than 9-5, money, and material possessions. Life is about more than the physical. It is about more than the narrow things we can sometimes be focused on that keep us stuck block our paths of further transformation and cause us to be out of balance.

Are you living your life a human-doing or a human being? Are you actively aware and engaged with your beingness or are you soley invested in all that you want to do, need to do, “should” do?

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