Anthony Burbidge – Canadian Singer/Songwriter

A two part  interview with the very insightful, wise, and talented Anthony Burbidge, who is a Canadian Singer/Songwriter living in Calgary, Alberta. I had the pleasure of talking with Anthony and I think, like I did, you’ll find what he’s shares about what he learned from the ups and downs in his life to be very educational and inspiring.

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Included in the interview you will hear snipets of Anthony’s fabulous music!

Anthony shared his dark-night-of-the-soul journey and the many wonderful lessons that period of his life taught him. Humble and down-to-earth, Anthony was easy to talk to, easy to connect with. He was open and honest about his pain, his emotional challenges with depression and his victory over his false-self and so much more.

Burbidge’s music is also very inspiring. Even more than that, however, he is a very kind and nice person. You can listen to part one available now in the audio player to the left. You can subscribe to our show via iTunes. You can also visit our Psyche Whisperer show page at:  Please keep an eye out for part two of this interview coming soon.

Anthony Burbidge

With his latest CD, The Great Awakening, Canadian singer-songwriter, Anthony Burbidge, delivers ten songs in a style that’s been called “Empower-Pop/World-Beat,” a blending of inspiring lyrics set against a tapestry of sounds from around the globe – just what the world needs in these uncertain times.

 Burbidge’s journey to the creation of this heart opening music is filled with twists and turns. In 1993, he released his first CD while still enrolled in the BMus. Program at Mount Allison University and his ambitious pop/rock songs landed him in the media in his native Canada.

Tragically, within a few months of the CD’s release, the young singer was struck by a severe chronic illness that forced him to abandon his musical path – but not his dreams.   Over the next decade, Burbidge retained his musical ties while working in a music store. The job turned out to be the best education a musician could find, and the position afforded him an on-the-job education the music business. Still, Burbidge longed to return to making music of his own.

In 2005, Burbidge left his job managing the music store to focus on making music full-time. By 2007, he released his first CD in 14 years, the acoustic and introspective “Newborn,” and began touring. Bolstered by the CD’s success, in 2008, Burbidge headed into the studio to create his latest release.

The CD born from those recording sessions, The Great Awakening, is an album in the traditional sense, an audio journey – not a random hodgepodge of singles strung together for convenience sake. The album guides the listener on a journey of both personal and musical discovery. Its songs are filled with messages of hope and global unity and the music is characterized by lush arrangements – strings, tabla, santoor, Irish pipes, Middle Eastern percussion, Armenian Duduk and even a choir. 

The Music of Anthony Burbidge

You can purchase his CD’s from his website or get direction from his site as to how to purchase digital downloads of his music.

Anthony Burbidge – The Great Awakening (2009)

Anthony Burbidge The Great Awakening CD Cover Image

 Song Titles: 

 1. The Great Awakening
 2. Worthy
 3. Step Up To The Light
 4. My Home Has Been Waiting
 5. The Power Of My Purpose
 6. Be The Change
 7. Us And Them
 8. Peacemaker
 9. Our World
 10. Many Rivers


Anthony Burbidge – Newborn (2007) 

Anthony Burbidge Newborn CD Cover Image






Song Titles:

1. The First Light
2. Newborn
3. Step Up To The Light
4. Eternal
5. Grateful Heart
6. I Wish My Eyes Could See
7. Be The Change
8. Hymn For The Universal Lightworker
9. You’re Not Alone
10. Under A Full Moon Sky